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New videos added


Searching through my files at home, I located several videos from various travels that I thought I had lost! So, being delighted at having found the ‘missing’ videos, I have added three videos to the Eastern Europe tours page and four videos to the South Island NZ tours page.

The videos were taken on a small hand-held pocket camera, so the quality is not great, but hey, you get a sense of what it was exactly like at that point in time for me. Oh, the commentary that you hear is me!

Enjoy, Tony


Tales of touring by bicycle ………..

… a lifestyle?

… a passion?

… an adventure?

… yes, all of the above and lots of fun (and at times HARD work!)

Join this Kiwi lad as he travels by bike (a Surly LHT) and with comfy tent, to places off the beaten track.

Enjoy, Tony